Our story began with the love of wine …

Then Tuscany came into the picture… Tuscany makes you release your worries entirely and understand that beauty is not something that we create but much rather a miracle that surrounds you. Thanks to the hospitality of local citizens we taught the lesson in this breath-taking area that wine is a bridge connecting people. When we started our journey we were just average adventurers who wanted to taste Italian dishes and some famous Tuscan wines. On the way back, however, we did not only pack the trunk of our car full with bottles of wine but became a believer of a dream. We decided to produce wine in a Tuscan way: with enthusiasm, passion and adoration of the terrior but without accepting compromise.

At that time our family has been producing old-fashion wines in a small, traditional wine cellar, but we wanted to follow completely new guidelines to make our dream come true. From that time on, our credo was to show the most beautiful face of the greatest Hungarian wine regions that mirrors the uniqueness of the terroir. Based on these new principles we re-built our winery in Mezőkövesd (hence the name: RWZ - Revolution WineZ) and took a fresh start in the vineyards of two wine regions: Tokaj and Mátra. Short after that we find a way how to put the Bükk wine region – which is our cellar’s local (but probably the most undiscovered) wine region – into our plan.

Our wines from the Tokaj region represents very high quality and promises the pleasure of an adventure for skilled wine lovers. Whilst our wines from Mátra and Bükk are dedicated to every-day consumption for sophisticated consumers, who do not want to compromise on quality and price.

We were very much inspired by the mineral-rich soil of the Tokaj region (especially the vineyards of Mád) to produce our first two wines named ‘RWZ Daydream’ and ‘RWZ Daybreak’. We chose this wine region for a restart, since we believe that this terroir has extraordinary potential for producing the world-renowned sweet ‘aszú’ wine as well as exceptional dry wines being worth international attention.

In 2012, we started to produce wine from the Mátra region. Our friend Attila Maróti – who is an oenologist in Gyöngyös – inspired us with his thoughts and critics, which led us to ask him to cooperate with us during the production of a Pinot Gris wine named ‘Partisan’. Our aim with this wine was to show the richness and the concentrated fruity aromas of Pinot Gris grown on the andesit tuff soil of Sár-hegy.

In 2013 we expanded our plan to our cellar’s local wine region, which is the Bükk region. The winery had old-time experience in producing wines from this region (those were the times before the revolution), but these experience required some reconsiderations in order to find a proper place in our revolutionary concept. It took us 3 years to find the proper grape variety and the proper plantation in the Bükk region, through which, we believe, we could show the most beautiful face of the Bükk wine region. Our Chardonnay titled ‘RWZ Robin Hood’ originates from the shady slopes of Cserépfalu lying in the heart of Bükk surrounded by the woods. This wine is full of juvenile power and vigorous vivacity inspiring us to find a way to reveal undiscovered beauties of this exceptional terroir through our prince of thieves to the greatest extent possible.

The year 2014 was also a cornerstone in the life of RWZ winery. In 2014 we opened our wine store and tasting room at our cellar in Mezőkövesd, where RWZ wines can be tasted or purchased. The wine store (address: Egri str. 37., Mezőkövesd) is open every Saturday between 10 am. and 4 pm., whilst tasting programs can be participated by the visitors upon prior registration. Free transport services (to the winery and back) are available for visitors of Zsóry Bath and within the territory of Mezőkövesd. (Please contact us at 0036 20 337 8000)